The Park Ceramics Studio

Park Ceramic studio is based in Mountfield, East Sussex, a small handmade business creating bespoke commissions, unique artworks and limited edition decor pieces. All the items and designs produced in the studio are by ceramic artist Amanda Westbury. Her passion for ceramics and all things clay started long before her graduation from Chelsea school of Art and Design.

The beautiful natural setting of the ceramic studio is the inspiration behind many of the pieces in the flower and seasonal collections. The ever changing landscape, and the appearance of new flowers and plants throughout the year enables new collections to be created each season.


…… I have always been passionate about the medium of clay, a unique material that is organic and malleable, but once fired turns into a solid thing of beauty which is eternal. I am constantly amazed that you can look at pottery made thousands of years ago and see the marks and thumb prints of people who lived in those ancient civilisations, as fresh and clear as if they had been made yesterday.

My love of clay all started on the shoreline at Dovercourt, Harwich, Essex where as a small child l loved to sink my feet into the soft squelchy mud and let the wet clay ooze through my fingers. My art practice still has this element of play in the things

I create, and can be found in the art pieces from the growing Mudlarkin collection.


Private commissions and projects undertaken.
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