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Display Easel

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Small Wooden Easel stand a perfect, smart and easy way to display small artworks, menus, seating plans on a shelf, desk, table top or cabinet.

The easel is a very simple ‘A’ frame structure so no assembly needed, there is no need to get nails and hammer to mount your art work, just pop it on the frame and immediately you have a professional display. The easel folds flat when not in use.

A smart way to display menus, guest table list, table seating plan, artworks on canvas, frame pictures, prints, pictures or postcards

The easel is pictured with an artwork measuring 30cm x 30cm but i can take larger sized artworks/canvas

The width of the Canvas rest – 17cm (6.7 inches)
Total height of the easel – 30cm (11.8 inches)
Height from canvas rest to the top – 23cm (9 inches)

The easel is made from a light wood, what makes this easel superior to other display easels is the gold coloured chain which is decorative, but also prevents the easel legs slipping.